In order for us to help plan your journey onto the World Wide Web, we would like you to complete the following information, BEFORE departure. This will help us to best understand your needs AND save you time, and cost. The questions on this page are relevant to both our single-page, WebPassport option and our Multi-Page WebPack options.

Please complete ALL sections. Where a question is not relevant to your own specific requirements, please simply enter “Not Applicable” before moving on to the next question. Form hint: Use your “Tab” Key (usually above “Caps Lock”) to move on to the next question.

ONE: What is your preferred Domain Name?
Remember that names are FREE with your package*. Other Domain names e.g. .com, .net, .co, .org . . . etc, will cost extra. (*Unless they are already registered with another provider who require transfer fees!).

TWO: What email addresses would you like? This would normally be a specific prefix such as sales@; or contact@; etc. of your domain name. You may have up to 5 forwarded to your existing emails.

THREE: Do you have a company Logo you would like us to
incorporate in your site? Acceptable digital formats can be added at no additional cost, or we can create a suitable image. (Ask to see optional extra costing options).

FOUR: Can you supply an image (or images depending on your package) that you wish us to place on your page(s)?
Acceptable supplied digital files can be added at no extra cost, or may be sourced for you. (Ask to see optional extra cost options).

FIVE: Please select a Template Example from our folder as a starting point for us to base your site on (in-store only). Or alternatively, on receipt of your initial booking deposit payment, we can email you various PDF options. Remember this is only a starting point and your own page(s) will differ according to your content and your instructions.

SIX: Do you have a preferred colour scheme? Basic / prevalent tones throughout for Banner Bar? Background non-text / content area? White or? Main Text Colour? Clickable links / Roll-over text?.

SEVEN: Please list Keywords which best describe the nature of your business/web site? (Maximum of 15 words as more may only confuse web engines). These are descriptive single words or phrases which will help Search Engines classify your site.

EIGHT: Do you require help on setting-up Search Engine Optimisation and / or Google Adwords campaigns?

For Multi-Page WebPack options only, please complete the following:

NINE: Would you like your Navigation Bars to be based on a Top, or Side Left Aligned, Menu?

TEN: Please list three example web sites that you would like us to consider as a basis for your design?

ELEVEN: How will you supply your Textual Content? (ie: Digital text files such as Microsoft Word, set-out in the body of an email . . . ) Or would you require us to typeset from handwritten copy? Additionally, would you require us to Copywrite text for you?

TWELVE: Would you like your design to be One, Two or Three Columns across the screen width? Please remember that depending on the Screen Defaults/Computer types of the people viewing your site, display widths and depths may differ.

THIRTEEN: What page titles would you like to give to your (up to six pages) separate navigation pages? (ie: Home, About, Products, Services, Example, Help, Contact etc. etc.).

FOURTEEN: Would you like a Custom Contact Form added to your site? (If so, what purpose would you like it to fulfill, ie: Subscription, Estimate ?).

FIFTEEN: Would you like a Slide-Show Gallery Page added to your site? (If so, please confirm how many images you would supply and in what format. Remember that re-sizing, cropping or converting differing file formats will add to the cost?).

SIXTEEN: Do you require an E-Commerce option? (If so, do you have an existing PayPal and/or Secure Credit Card provider account?)

SEVENTEEN: Do you have any other specific requests you would like us to consider for your design theme?

FINALLY: Please Enter your name, email address and preferred contact telephone no. in the last box to the right, and we will contact you as soon as we can.